Regulation and Guideline

Print ISSN 2289-0971

(Established on Feb. 18, 2002)
(Revised on Jan. 01, 2013)
Article 1. Purpose of Regulations

The purpose of regulations stipulated here is to specify general terms and conditions required for the journal of the present society to be published according to the Provision 2 of Article 4 in the regulations.

Article 2. Title and Language of the Journal of Society

The Korean Society on Water Environment publishes domestic journals thereof; the language used for each journal shall be determined according to guidelines specified for the publication of papers contributed to the journal.
Title of Journal (Korean): 한국물환경학회지
Title of Journal (English): Journal of Korean Society on Water Environment
(Abbr.: J. Korean Soc. Water Environ.)

Article 3. Times for Publication

Each journal shall be published on the 30th of every odd month in a year (Jan. 30th, Mar. 30th, May 30th, Jul. 30th, Sep. 30th, Nov. 30th); if necessary, additional (special) editions of each journal can be published separately on agreement of the editorial committee.

Article 4. Contents of Publication

The contents to be included for the publication of each journal shall be 'Research Paper', 'Review Paper', 'Technical Note', 'Special Issue', and 'Discussion' which are relevant to water environment and unpublished or unintended to be contributed to other journals.

Article 5. Contribution and Examination of Manuscript

Contribution of papers to the journal shall be complying with regulations specified for the contribution of papers to the Journal of Korean Society on Water Environment; the publication of papers contributed to the journal shall be determined by editorial committee of the journal going through specified examination procedure.

  • Over 50% of authors to be contributing respective papers to the journal shall be regular members of the society; the contribution of manuscript shall be completed with a submission of authors' answers to questions raised by the editorial committee of the journal and signed agreement of copyright assignment to the society with the payment of examination fees for each paper (50,000 KRW) through the online contribution system for Journal of Korean Society on Water Environment (
  • Modification of names of the authors of papers contributed to the journal shall not be allowed; otherwise, the "Official Request for Modification of Contributed Paper(s)" shall be submitted to the journal for the modification of contributed papers through an approval of the editorial committee.
  • The examination procedure shall be comprised of preliminary review and review by professional peer reviewers; the duration required for examination procedure for each paper shall be less than a month. The manuscripts to be remaining unchanged for 6 months by author(s) who were requested to modify respective manuscripts shall be deemed to be unpublished.
Article 6. Copyright of Papers

The copyright of papers published in the journal and the accomplishment in forms of electronic publication resulted from necessary processing of contents thereof shall be held by the present society. The assignment or licensing of copyrights shall be determined by the editorial committee of the journals of the present society.

Article 7. Distribution of Journal

The journals published shall be distributed free of charge; corresponding authors of published papers shall be provided with 20 copies of the journal printed separately. Subscribers requesting for the subscription of the journal may be requested for separate payment of subscription fee.

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